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Glass Lewis’ 2022 Policy Guidelines: Important Updates

By Harvard Law School Forum | Dec 20, 2021 | Read more

Principal Shaun Bisman and Analyst Han Wen Zhang discuss Glass Lewis’ recently released 2022 policy guidelines. The new amendments address compensation, board diversity, and environmental and social areas. The key changes for 2022 focus on diversity and SPAC governance. This post discusses key compensation and Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) updates.

Glass Lewis Raises the Bar on E+S Incentive Metrics

By Agenda | Dec 10, 2021 | Read more

Principal Shaun Bisman was quoted in an Agenda article this week discussing the updated 2022 proxy voting guidelines published by proxy advisory firm Glass Lewis. Glass Lewis wants companies to offer more robust disclosure about the use of environmental and social incentive metrics and while they won’t require the actual use of these metrics, they will consider them in their say-on-pay analyses. Shaun Bisman explains that companies must be able to identify not only where they are today but where they want to be in the future before they start incorporating these types of metrics in their incentive plans. He also explains how we should expect to see more robust rationale in the upcoming 2022 proxy season regarding these incentive metrics.

Private Company Board Compensation 2021

By Private Company Director | Nov 23, 2021 | Read more

An article by CAP Partners, Bertha Masuda and Susan Schroeder, and Principal, Bonnie Schindler, was featured as the cover story for the October 2021 issue of Private Company Director magazine. This article reviews the results of the 2021 CAP-MLR Media survey of private-and family-company board compensation. It is timely information as the market is hot for attracting diverse and talented directors and private companies need to remain competitive.

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