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Bankers Expect a Big Drop in Bonuses This Year By Agenda

By Agenda | Dec 5, 2022 | Read more

Partner Matt Vnuk and Principal Bonnie Schindler were quoted in a recent Agenda article discussing how bankers expect a big drop in bonuses this year. Schindler explains how 2021 was a record year for investment banking compensation so there will be quite a shift for this year. Vnuk explains how boards may need to allocate more time to discussing a range of pay-related matters in light of new regulations and guidance from the SEC and Department of Justice that should affect design compensation plans. Going forward, directors may want to have advance conversations with executives and top performers to convey some of the changes and the expected impact on compensation.

A Look Inside the SEC’s Newly Finalized Clawback Rules

By Directors & Boards | Nov 21, 2022 | Read more

Partner Eric Hosken recently participated in a Q&A with Directors & Boards. In this interview, Eric answered several questions regarding the new clawback rules that the SEC approved in October 2022. The SEC initially proposed these rules back in 2015. You can find additional information about the new policies here.

Competition for CFO Bench Talent Heats Up

By Agenda | Nov 7, 2022 | Read more

Partner Kelly Malafis and Principal Roman Beleuta were quoted in the recent Agenda article discussing increased CFO salaries in the past year. A CAP report showed how 7% more CFOs received base salary increases at the largest companies compared to the prior year. Malafis shares that the trend isn’t unusual and that salary increases are about remaining competitive in the market so that salary doesn’t become a distraction. Beleuta explains how median total compensation for CFO’s increased by 17% year over year and the increase was driven by higher bonuses and long-term incentive payouts. The large total compensation increases are not expected to continue in 2022 but retaining key finance talent will require more than just a focus on compensation.

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