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The CEO Pay Ratios You Should Really Be Tracking

By Agenda | Sep 25, 2023 | Read more

Principal Joanna Czyzewski wrote an article for Agenda discussing executive pay ratios. The article looks at the relationship between CEO pay and the next most highly paid NEO (Named Executive Officer), as well as the ratio between CEO and average other NEO pay (across the S&P 500 for the most recent fiscal year). Joanna suggests that compensation committees should continue to monitor and review other pay ratios across their executive team. Monitoring these other executive pay ratios can be a helpful tool in managing your talent strategy.

A “Governance Audit” for Board Prospects

By Boardroom Insider | Sep 11, 2023 | Read more

Eric Hosken, a partner at CAP, was quoted in Boardroom Insider discussing how comp committees should evaluate risks when creating executive pay plans. Eric mentions that the compensation committees may closely govern the NEOs, but those lower in the organization just get reported up to the board and is an area a company may face large potential risks. Hosken urges committees to continue to ask questions to the company comp team or consultant to better gauge “what-could- happen” scenarios especially in times of economic uncertainty.

Boards Set to Resume Raises for Leadership Roles

By Agenda | Sep 5, 2023 | Read more

Partners Dan Laddin and Matt Vnuk were quoted in Agenda’s recent article discussing Director Pay research. Dan and Matt discuss the growing demands of Board leadership roles and the potential increase of retainers. They mention that lead director pay has moved a little more aggressively than board chairs but some boards are reluctant to address below-market pay for individual roles as it could cause the company to stand out for the wrong reasons. Generally, directors need to know the increase is reasonable from a market perspective.

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