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Board of Director Compensation at Private Companies

CAP shares findings from proprietary board of director compensation survey for private companies.

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Annual Incentive Plans – Payouts and Performance Alignment

Melissa Burek and Mike Bonner comment on the key findings from CAP’s updated annual incentive payout analysis, which t..

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2024’s Top Compensation Committee Topics

Eric Hosken and Joanna Czyzewski discuss four key topics Compensation Committees face in 2024 and highlight best practic..

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Workplace Changes: COVID-19’s Impact on Compensation and Benefits

Susan Schroeder and Bonnie Schindler discuss the changing Employee Value Proposition and companies renewed focus on tota..

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IPO Readiness: Key Executive Compensation Considerations

Executive compensation considerations & planning as you head down the road toward an IPO...

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Compensation Trends in Banking

Kelly Malafis and Michael Bonner discuss compensation practices and trends in the banking and financial services industr..

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