Jun 06, 2024

Striking the Right Balance: Discretion in Incentive Plans – Taboo or a Must?

Presented by: Equilar

Boston, MA

  • Shaun Bisman

Discretion is often considered taboo in the executive compensation world. Compensation committees that use discretion in determining incentive payouts risk receiving criticism from investors and proxy advisory firms, whose policies tend to prefer formulaic incentive plans. However, discretion is an important feature of many annual incentive plans that, if used appropriately, can enhance the pay and performance relationship. The panel will cover the different approaches to using discretion, how discretion can be positive, and the potential challenges of applying discretion.

  • Shaun Bisman, Principal, CAP
  • Jennifer Connor, Senior Director, Global Compensation & Benefits and Executive Rewards, Motorola Solutions
  • Liz Herron, Head of Executive Compensation & Benefits and Executive Rewards, KeyBank

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