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By CAP Staff | Jul 8, 2016
CAP reviews proxy disclosures of S&P 500 companies on a weekly basis as part of an on-going Say on Pay study. The Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer...[More]
By Margaret Engel and Eric Hosken | Jun 28, 2016
The past year has been characterized by significant stock price volatility. Research indicates that the S&P 500 index has either gained 1% or more or lost 1% or...[More]
By CAP Staff | Jun 27, 2016
CAP’s industry report is based on an examination of 19 companies in the Consumer Products industry with median 2015 revenue and market cap of approximately $18B and...[More]
By CAP Staff | Jun 20, 2016
Compensation Advisory Partners (CAP) examined 2015 pay levels and financial performance across two segments of the insurance industry including eighteen companies with...[More]
By CAP Staff | Jun 17, 2016
Compensation Advisory Partners (CAP) examined the 2015 pay and performance relationships across four segments of the financial services industry. The segments we...[More]
By Michael Keebaugh and Melissa Burek | May 25, 2016
For many years, common practice in U.S. public companies has been to combine the roles of chief executive officer (“CEO”) and chairman of the board (“COB”),...[More]
By Eric Hosken and Dan Laddin | May 9, 2016
The transition from a private company to a public company is an exciting time for most organizations. For employees, moving from private to public status provides...[More]