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The SEC has issued a flurry of new rules covering insider trading, clawbacks, proxy reporting, and more. These rules have plan design implications and, therefore, accounting and disclosure consequences. This session will look at the trifecta of how SEC rule-making, plan design, and investor reporting come together to create new opportunities for differentiation, shareholder / external reporting risk, and incentive…

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Discretion is often considered taboo in the executive compensation world. Compensation committees that use discretion in determining incentive payouts risk receiving criticism from investors and proxy advisory firms, whose policies tend to prefer formulaic incentive plans. However, discretion is an important feature of many annual incentive plans that, if used appropriately, can enhance the pay and performance relationship. The panel…

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Volatile economic conditions can lead to uncertain compensation outcomes for employees which can create an environment where there is little retentive value. During this roundtable, we will delve into strategies for aligning compensation structures with market fluctuations while balancing the need to attract, incentivize, and retain key talent. Gain insights from compensation experts on navigating uncertainty, balancing risk, and optimizing…

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Effective, tailored incentive plans are critical to motivating employees and ensuring alignment with shareholder interests. High-performing organizations design long-term programs that complement the company’s structure and key objectives, which change over time. Using case studies, this session will cover the key features and unique characteristics of effective long-term incentive plan designs for companies in specific situations…

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The newly updated results from our renowned and comprehensive Private Company Board Compensation survey, featuring data from more than 1,500 private and family-owned firms, will be previewed, in a comprehensive discussion of best practices for compensating your board members.   Click here to find out more and RSVP.

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Many companies consider including cash awards in their equity compensation program, but when is cash the “better” choice? This panel will explore the reasons companies use cash awards with or instead of equity. We will also address the tax considerations, labor law implications, regulatory, and corporate governance issues related to cash awards compared to equity. We will also discuss administrative…

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Partner Lauren Peek and Principal Joanna Czyzewski will discuss evolving executive compensation pay disclosure practices against the backdrop of a unique year for US stocks, changing regulation, and new investor expectations.   Click here to find out more and RSVP.

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January is an important time for companies to begin to prepare for the upcoming proxy season. Through the NASPP (National Association of Stock Plan Professionals) Principals Shaun Bisman and Joanna Czyzewski will cover pay versus performance disclosure updates, current landscape on non-compete agreements, pay transparency laws by state, and Institutional Shareholder Services (ISS) and Glass Lewis key proxy voting…

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CAP is sponsoring and hosting the September Strategic Happy Hour at Bentley University. Partner Susan Schroeder and Principal Shaun Bisman will discuss how private companies currently execute compensation trends and issues, including the latest on pay transparency and pay equity and the difference in roles of a board member in private vs. public companies.
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