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This webinar will discuss the results of a survey recently conducted jointly by Compensation Advisory Partners (CAP) and Directors & Boards, and provide perspective on trends, best practices, and expectations for an increasingly demanding marketplace. There are several questions commonly asked by board members and senior management related to compensation committee process, and to-date there has been limited market data…

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The Bank Compensation Workshop provides an up-to-the minute, hands-on, interactive overview for compensation committee members and HROs. The objectives of the pre-conference workshop are to equip participants to perform effectively and sustainably in their roles, to provide confidence in the execution of their duties and to give all attendees context in order to maximize their overall…

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Family Business Magazine and Compensation Advisory Partners (CAP) have updated their survey of executive compensation in family businesses, first released in May 2021. Partners Bertha Masuda and Susan Schroeder will present the first cut of the survey findings.   Click here to find out more

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This session will review the results of the Family Business/Private Company Director board compensation survey with CAP speakers Susan Schroeder, Partner and Han Wen Zhang, Analyst.   Click here to find out more

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As the market is heating up for attracting and retaining diverse and talented directors, what are appropriate pay levels for board members? How do roles and responsibilities, level of risk, priorities, pay levels and total board cost compare for private vs. public company board members? In this session, a panel from Compensation Advisory Partners (CAP) consisting of Partner Susan Schroeder…

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Recent controversies around well-known, brand name companies, and associated investor, media, and public interest in executive accountability has led to a renewed focus on compensation clawbacks and a push for more innovative and effective ways to de-risk executive compensation, including through the use of mandatory shareholding periods and pay deferrals. In this session, Principal Shaun Bisman is among…

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Principal Shaun Bisman was quoted in an Agenda article this week discussing the updated 2022 proxy voting guidelines

Private Company Board Compensation 2021

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An article by CAP Partners, Bertha Masuda and Susan Schroeder, and Principal, Bonnie Schindler, was featured as the