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2020 was a challenging year for banks. The impact of COVID on the economy as well as changes to accounting for loan loss provisions were evident in weaker financial and stock price performance in 2020 for many banks and yet CEO compensation increased. Learn from experienced executive compensation consultants about the challenges Compensation Committees faced in 2020, why pay levels…

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Partner Bertha Masuda will lead a discussion with three seasoned Board Directors on Human Capital and Compensation Oversight as part of the NACD Private Company Governance Learning Series. This engaging event will present insights into how private-company board can effectively oversee and maximize its most vital asset: its people. This virtual event will be held on July 22 from…

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Private company director compensation has historically been difficult to assess given the lack of data on this topic: Private companies often had to rely on public company director pay data, anecdotal information, and judgment when designing their compensation programs. To address the lack of data, Compensation Advisory Partners, an independent executive compensation consulting firm, and MLR Media, the publisher of…

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In late 2020, Family Business Magazine and Compensation Advisory Partners conducted a survey to address a critical gap in credible market information on total compensation for key executives in family companies. Top-line findings from the survey report will be presented and analyzed in this session.   Click here to find out more

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Partner Kelly Malafis will speak at NACD’s popular compensation forum. The virtual panel discussion and Q&A bring together compensation experts and compensation committee members and will be followed by an audience-led question and answer session. Conversation catalysts include:

Short-term and long-term plan design in a turbulent environment
The ever-expanding role of the compensation…

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Guidance and best practices are beginning to emerge for human capital metrics disclosures in the wake of the SEC’s November 2020 rules modifying what information companies need to disclose in their annual reports. Join HR Policy Association and the Center On Executive Compensation in a joint webinar to discuss strategies and practices regarding the types and length of disclosures…

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Susan Schroeder will serve on a panel discussing Building a Private Company Board. Key topics to be discussed include: When to start a board? What professional experience and background should you look for in board members? Should family members be a part of the board? Where do you find experienced and qualified people? Should you build a board in stages…

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CAP Partner, Eric Hosken, will speak on a panel discussing compensation and character: human capital and executive pay.   Presented by Directors and Boards Magazine. Find out more by clicking here.

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Partner Bertha Masuda comments on the catastrophic impact COVID has had on the media industry. In 2020, many

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CFO Pay Rises as Their Companies Navigate Coronavirus Pandemic

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Median pay for finance chiefs at the largest U.S. companies rose 7% during the 2020 fiscal year