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Partner Chris Earnest joins NACD’s Leading Minds of Compensation alongside various directors and compensation experts, covering complex issues at the forefront of executive and director compensation…

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Principal Lauren Peek discusses a series of pressing issues in compensation, including the prevalence of ESG metrics, excessive director pay, assessing annual and long-term performance, and proxy disclosures.

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Partner Melissa Burek will participate in a panel discussion highlighting recent Say on Pay trends from the view of both Compensation Consultants and Proxy Advisory Firms…

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Partner Dan Laddin will discuss the market for board talent and provide an update on trends in director compensation…

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CAP Partner Dan Laddin will weigh whether or not maintaining good corporate culture, diversity, and human capital management are responsibilities of a company’s board of directors.

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Partner Melissa Burek will discuss approaches companies use to limit pay disparity, as well as compensation management tools that proactively limit the likelihood of gender-based pay disparities over time…

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Partner Kelly Malafis and Senior Associate Michael Bonner will lead a panel of public and private-company compensation experts on designing executive compensation programs that align with performance and overall value creation. They will discuss the pros and cons of…

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2019 Corporate Governance Forum Report: 6 New Interviews Focus on ESG and Director Roles

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