CAP Partner Eric Hosken and Associate Ryan Colucci share findings from CAP’s CEO Pay Ratio research, including why the ratio fluctuated so dramatically for some companies this year.

Founding Partner Kelly Malafis discusses CFO Pay trends.

Partner Dan Laddin discusses trends in director compensation and director compensation pay limits.

In a CAP study by Margaret Engel and Melissa Burek, use of aircraft was the most prevalent perquisite for CEO among large US companies. Personal security and automobile allowance were tied for second as most prevalent perquisites.

Partner Eric Hosken discusses the competitive compensation levels for regional bank CEOs compared to historical pay of the Treasury Secretary-nominee.

Compensation Advisory Partners’ study on CFO pay showed a median salary increase of 3% and total compensation increase of 5.2% compared to CEO salary increase of 0.3% and total compensation increase of 3.2%.

Partner Eric Hosken states that insurance-company CEOs saw a 5% increase in their overall compensation from 2007 to 2014, compared to big declines at top banks during a similar period.

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