Senior Associate Ryan Colucci and Senior Analyst Stefanie Kushner review say on pay voting at Russell 3000 companies. They tracked results of the votes from inception (2011) to 2020 to gauge the current landscape and predict what may occur with 2021 say on pay results. Colucci and Kushner expect a downward shift in the median level of support and in the percentage of companies receiving at least 90% support. For companies that do receive an against recommendation from proxy advisors, the level of support may decline compared to historic norms if disclosures do not sufficiently justify the COVID-related actions taken.

Partners Eric Hosken and Dan Laddin discuss top priorities for compensation committees, from incentive plan design in an uncertain environment to supporting the company’s human capital strategy.

Principals Shaun Bisman and Bonnie Schindler break down ISS and Glass Lewis’ recently released guidance on the impact of COVID-19 on executive pay decisions and on gender and racial diversity in the boardroom.

Partners Bertha Masuda and Susan Schroeder discuss how boards and management teams need to lead employees by setting the tone at the top, pointing to Delta Airlines CEO Edward Bastian who was the first of the airlines to cut his base salary.

Partners Eric Hosken and Dan Laddin describe how pay for directors across indices has been altered by COVID-19, recommending that companies put a halt on increasing pay for boards in 2020.

Principal Lauren Peek highlights executive compensation pay levels and trends at 50 companies.

Eric Hosken and Dan Laddin discuss the Top 5 issues they expect Compensation Committees to address in 2018.