Partner Kelly Malafis addresses risk management mechanisms in executive incentive design through clawback policies.

Principal Shaun Bisman discusses the role of institutional investors and compensation committees in advancing diversity in organizations when determining incentive plans for executives.

Principal Shaun Bisman notes that boards likely won’t make any decisions regarding changes to bonus programs in response to Biden’s promise to raise taxes until after the election.

Partner Christopher Earnest and Principal Bonnie Schindler comment on the trend of tying a portion of retention awards granted before filing for bankruptcy to performance.

Partners Dan Laddin and Matt Vnuk project COVID-19’s long-term impact on director compensation.

Principal Shaun Bisman urges boards to proactively engage their compensation consultants to replicate Institutional Shareholder Services’s excessive director pay test and adjust director compensation to be in-line with the peer group.

Principal Bonnie Schindler and Senior Analyst Whitney Cook explore the connection between executive salary cuts and worker furloughs and find a lopsided correlation.