Principal Bonnie Schindler and Senior Analyst Whitney Cook explore the connection between executive salary cuts and worker furloughs and find a lopsided correlation.

In a study conducted by CAP, Partner Kelly Malafis and Principal Roman Beleuta discuss the slowdown in CFO compensation growth in 2019 primarily driven by declines in actual bonus payouts.

Partner Dan Laddin warns that boards as well as management teams should be highly cognizant of the pain and uncertainty that their furloughed employees are facing before reversing executive salary reductions.

Principal Roman Beleuta finds that more and more non-financials companies have been turning to ESG metrics in their annual plans to determine compensation.

CAP found that re-pricing options was one of the seven viable approaches that Compensation Committees could take to handle equity grants during the age of COVID-19.

Principal Lauren Peek explains how companies not expecting to meet performance goals should consider issuing retention awards as a means of preserving key talent.

Although returns in the oil and gas industry have been improving since 2016, Partner Chris Earnest discusses the implications of 2020 market conditions on executives’ base salaries and bonus programs.

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Jul 12, 2020

WorldatWork: Executive Compensation Forum

Las Colinas, TX

Partner Dan Laddin will participate in a forum focusing on shareholders’ expectations and what shareholders prioritize when analyzing executive and board compensation. Click here…
  • Daniel Laddin

Sep 16, 2020

Corporate Board Member: Compensation Committee Summit

New York, NY

Partner Kelly Malafis explores best-practices for communications between HR and Compensation Committees to resolve complex human capital issues within various levels of the workforce.…
  • Kelly Malafis

Sep 16, 2020

Private Company Director: Private Company Governance Summit 2020

Washington, D.C.

Partners Bertha Masuda and Sue Schroeder will discuss strategies for building and maintaining a private board to ensure proper alignment between stakeholders, board, and…
  • Bertha Masuda
  • Susan Schroeder