Rising regulation in the utility industry brings limited opportunities for revenue growth. Further, given the counter-cyclical nature of the industry, utilities generally under-perform in bull markets and out-perform in bear markets. To remain competitive, utilities must increasingly optimize their cost base, re-examine their business models, and develop more agile and responsive organizational structures. CAP works with its clients to build programs that drive this sustainable growth. Learn more about CAP’s expertise in the utilities industry here or contact us for additional information.

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May 17, 2024

Best Practices for Board Compensation

Washington D.C.

The newly updated results from our renowned and comprehensive Private Company Board Compensation survey, featuring data from more than 1,500 private and family-owned firms,…
  • Susan Schroeder
  • Bonnie Schindler

May 21, 2024

Knowing When and How to Modify Your Long-Term Incentives

Cincinnati, OH

Effective, tailored incentive plans are critical to motivating employees and ensuring alignment with shareholder interests. High-performing organizations design long-term programs that complement the company's…
  • Susan Schroeder
  • Louisa Heywood