Our Approach

Our approach reflects our commitment to offering independent advice to clients, grounded in good governance principles. We have a comprehensive independence policy with procedures designed to avoid conflict of interests.

  • Consistent with the criteria included in the Dodd-Frank legislation, we will certify for our Committee reporting relationships that:
    • CAP does not provide consulting services to our clients that are not approved by the Compensation Committee
    • Given our client base, we expect our annual fees for each client to be a small percentage of our total revenue
    • Our consulting team members do not have personal relationships with members of our clients’ Compensation Committees
    • Any business relationships between our consultants and our client and its Compensation Committee are disclosed in full
    • Members of the consulting team do not directly own shares of stock in our clients’ companies
We are willing to execute nondisclosure agreements, as required. We also document our reporting relationship to the Compensation Committee in a tailored engagement letter.