About CAP

Compensation Advisory Partners, LLC, an independent executive compensation consulting firm provides a full range of assistance with all executive compensation needs. We work with boards of directors and management teams to develop effective compensation programs, aligned with strong corporate governance standards.

Human capital is an organization’s most important asset, one of the few sustainable competitive advantages available to businesses today. Every organization’s leadership team needs to be aligned with its business strategy, key objectives and stakeholders. The executive compensation program, particularly the incentive elements, plays an important part in establishing and reinforcing this alignment.

We believe an executive compensation program should:

  • Support the company's business strategy
  • Reward for the desired outcomes and behaviors
  • Deliver value when stakeholders realize value over the long-term
  • Enable a company to attract and retain the necessary talent to drive its strategy
  • Align with the client’s appetite for risk
  • Comply with regulatory standards
  • Utilize company resources judiciously
  • Build upon excellent governance practices that stand up to public scrutiny

As the external environment evolves, companies benefit greatly from partnering with outside advisors with extensive experience, integrity, and technical grounding. Stronger oversight and decision-making are two important outcomes.

Our seven partners combined have extensive experience consulting to Boards of Directors and management on the full range of executive compensation issues. Our client experience ranges from some of the largest Fortune 100 multi-nationals to smaller start-ups. Prior to forming Compensation Advisory Partners, our partners worked together in Mercer’s Human Capital consulting practice. We saw the need for a New Resource for Independent Compensation Advice and founded CAP in 2009.

In addition to working with Boards and management, our partners have testified before the SEC, Congress and the IRS on regulatory issues related to executive compensation. Our partners have authored books and articles in executive compensation and frequently speak at conferences around the world. Our partners teach professional certification classes for WorldatWork, lecture on compensation at educational institutions and serve as a liaison to several industry groups.