Apr 09, 2024

When Cash is King: Leveraging Cash Awards in a Global Equity Program

Presented by Global Equity Organization (GEO)

Nashville, TN

  • Shaun Bisman

Many companies consider including cash awards in their equity compensation program, but when is cash the “better” choice? This panel will explore the reasons companies use cash awards with or instead of equity. We will also address the tax considerations, labor law implications, regulatory, and corporate governance issues related to cash awards compared to equity. We will also discuss administrative considerations and solutions for implementing cash awards, including communication strategies. With representatives from an issuer that has broad experience in granting both cash and equity awards (WTW), a tax and legal advisor (Baker & McKenzie) and a compensation consultant (CAP), this panel will provide participants with a comprehensive discussion on the considerations for including cash awards in a global equity compensation program.
Lindsay Green – WTW
Lindsay Minnis – Baker McKenzie
Maya Wright – Iron Mountain
Shaun Bisman – CAP
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