Sep 28, 2021

De-Risk Executive Pay Programs with Clawbacks and Pay Deferrals

By Global Equity


  • Shaun Bisman

Recent controversies around well-known, brand name companies, and associated investor, media, and public interest in executive accountability has led to a renewed focus on compensation clawbacks and a push for more innovative and effective ways to de-risk executive compensation, including through the use of mandatory shareholding periods and pay deferrals. In this session, Principal Shaun Bisman is among the expert panelists that will discuss recent trends and best practices in compensation recovery and deferral around the world, outline the pros and cons of clawbacks versus holdback or deferral of compensation, and provide practical tips to help companies get buy-in from the CEO and Compensation Committee. This event will be held on September 28th from 2:30 to 3:10pm.

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