Apr 07, 2021

Leading Practices in Private Company Board Pay and Governance

By Private Directors Association


  • Bonnie Schindler
  • Susan Schroeder
  • Bertha Masuda

Private company director compensation has historically been difficult to assess given the lack of data on this topic: Private companies often had to rely on public company director pay data, anecdotal information, and judgment when designing their compensation programs. To address the lack of data, Compensation Advisory Partners, an independent executive compensation consulting firm, and MLR Media, the publisher of Directors & Boards, Private Company Director, and Family Business Magazine, launched the Private Company Director Compensation and Governance Survey in 2019. In this session, a panel of CAP consultants will discuss results from the 2020 iteration of the survey and provide insights about using the survey information to improve director pay practices and governance. Bring questions and case examples to this interactive session.

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