Dec 16, 2021

“Normal” Compensation Committee Practices? How are they Changing?

Presented by: Character of the Corporation


  • Melissa Burek
  • Matthew Vnuk

This webinar will discuss the results of a survey recently conducted jointly by Compensation Advisory Partners (CAP) and Directors & Boards, and provide perspective on trends, best practices, and expectations for an increasingly demanding marketplace. There are several questions commonly asked by board members and senior management related to compensation committee process, and to-date there has been limited market data (e.g., How many execs does the committee approve compensation for? How long is the typical committee meeting? How many, and which, members of management typically attend committee meetings? How many pre-meetings with the chair is typical?). Join CAP’s Founding Partner, Melissa Burek and Partner, Matt Vnuk, Dinesh C. Paliwal, Lead Independent Director, Raytheon Technologies, Nestle and KKR & Co., along with Director & Boards Editor-at-Large, Charles Elson and Publishing Director, David Shaw, as they provide useful data and perspective for high performing boards and compensation committees to consider.

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