Partner Dan Laddin recently participated in a panel discussion at NACD Leading Minds of Compensation East on executive compensation trends.

CAP is excited to announce that Partners Margaret Engel and Eric Hosken have been named to the National Association of Corporate Director’s Directorship 100 for the third consecutive year, an honor awarded to individuals influential in corporate governance, and the boardroom.

Partner Margaret Engel describes effective director compensation programs used in the market to attract and retain high-caliber directors.

Partner Daniel Laddin discusses how to employ executive compensation as a tool for long-term value creation, to incentivize the retention of top executive talent, and to ensure executive management is focused on building value for all of the stakeholders.

Partner Daniel Laddin explains why Boards should occasionally adjust equity grant levels based on market swings.

Principal Matt Vnuk explains the importance of an annual CEO performance assessment and its impact on pay-for-performance alignment.

Improved performance is one of several indicators that companies value shareholder approval of executive compensation packages.

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