Harvard Law School Forum on Corporate Governance highlights key insights from CAP’s memorandum on executive pay actions taken in response to COVID-19. The piece, written by partner Melissa Burek, partner Eric Hosken, principal Bonnie Schindler and senior analyst Whitney Cook, examines, among other things, the prevalence and type of incentive changes in companies with fiscal year ends near September 30. It also compares these results with earlier research of companies with fiscal year ends in June.

Partner Margaret Engel’s memorandum on early human capital management disclosures is summarized by Harvard Law School Forum on Corporate Governance. Engels found that most disclosures to date depend heavily on a qualitative description of core values, programs and practices. In fact, very few companies are disclosing actual objectives and/or metrics used to manage the business.

Partner Melissa Burek and Senior Associate Mike Bonner conducted a survey of over 250 U.S.-based directors of publicly traded companies to gauge how board members think performance should be measured and incorporated into incentive compensation plans.

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May 27, 2021

Navigating Pay for Performance During a Pandemic


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Jul 22, 2021

Human Capital and Compensation Oversight


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