Partner Susan Schroeder discusses the increasingly common trend for CEOs to step into the executive chairman position after leaving their CEO position. At companies such as Abbott Laboratories, this meant that the executive chairman received compensation akin to the CEO. Schroeder notes that the average pay for executive chairmen has climbed over the last five years and advises companies to fix a termination date when they name an executive chairman.

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Jun 25, 2024

2024 Proxy Season Review

New York, NY

A comprehensive review of the 2024 proxy season, exploring emerging trends, notable shareholder proposals, and regulatory developments. With a focus on corporate governance, executive…
  • Shaun Bisman
  • Chris Callegari

Jul 16, 2024

What Private Companies Need to Know to Design Effective Incentive Plans

Boston, MA

In this session, we cover the strategies effective private companies employ to ensure incentive plans support the company’s strategic objectives and culture, are competitive…
  • Shaun Bisman
  • Susan Schroeder