The CAP report authored by Principal Ryan Colucci was recently referenced to again in an article by CFO. The compensation data in the study authored by Colucci reflects S&P 1500 companies that have fiscal year ends between 9/30 and 11/30. The data shows that CEOs are making an effort to “competitively compensate the financial leaders they have” and that 80% of finance officers received compensation raises from their company in Q4 of 2022. One-third of CFOs saw up to a 25% increase in total compensation to round out 2022. Read the full report here.

CFO Magazine reports on CAP’s annual CFO Pay study.

A CAP study (by Lauren Peek, Ryan Colucci, and Margaret Engel) on pay ratio disclosure for 150 companies reviews the early trends in pay ratio disclosure.

Partner Eric Hosken discusses the prevalence of realized and realizable pay disclosure among Fortune 500 companies and the typical message companies are sending to shareholders when disclosing realized and realizable pay.