Partner Dan Laddin was recently quoted in an Agenda article discussing the SEC’s new PvP rule and how several law firms and compensation consulting firms are urging them to delay the implementation. Laddin explains how the ability to vet the disclosure with internal stakeholders will be enhanced if more time is allotted. He explains how this is the biggest change in disclosure for executive compensation since the CD&A and is concerned the disclosure may not have as much vetting as desired.

Partner Kelly Malafis discusses the lower pay for women NEOs among a study of 150 companies and how the current low prevalence of female NEOs may point to problems in developing the pipeline of women for senior leadership jobs.

Partner Margaret Engel and Principal Matt Vnuk provide some advice on how to approach peer group development in order to create a peer group that is well received internally and externally.

Senior Partner Rose Marie Orens and Associate Kyle Eastman discuss examples of voluntary pay cuts by CEOs and some of the implications of such cuts on pay-for-performance alignment, shareholder views, and internal messaging.

Partner Eric Hosken explains that using TSR in executive comp plans is about aligning executive pay and performance, not about driving performance.

Partner Margaret Engel describes typical approaches taken by Boards and Compensation Committees to account for foreign exchange rate fluctuations on executive compensation plans.

Partner Daniel Laddin and Principal Matt Vnuk provide some explanations for the increase in compensation for the Lead Director role among large companies.

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Jun 25, 2024

2024 Proxy Season Review

New York, NY

A comprehensive review of the 2024 proxy season, exploring emerging trends, notable shareholder proposals, and regulatory developments. With a focus on corporate governance, executive…
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  • Chris Callegari

Jul 16, 2024

What Private Companies Need to Know to Design Effective Incentive Plans

Boston, MA

In this session, we cover the strategies effective private companies employ to ensure incentive plans support the company’s strategic objectives and culture, are competitive…
  • Shaun Bisman
  • Susan Schroeder