Partner Eric Hosken was recently quoted in AdvisorHub’s article that spoke about the substantial difference between CEO and median employee compensation increases among the nation’s largest brokerages. He explained that one of the reasons for the substantial CEO increases is because targets were set too low. Compensation Committees in 2020 did not expect for the market to turnaround the way that it did in 2021. Eric Hosken also mentioned that the tight labor market for wealth management CEOs, who have a proven track record, probably influenced the decision making of the Compensation Committee.

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Jul 16, 2024

What Private Companies Need to Know to Design Effective Incentive Plans

Boston, MA

In this session, we cover the strategies effective private companies employ to ensure incentive plans support the company’s strategic objectives and culture, are competitive…
  • Shaun Bisman
  • Susan Schroeder

Sep 17, 2024

Board Compensation Strategies and Governance for Best-in-Class Bank Boards

Nashville, TN

Directors on the board play an important role in overseeing the bank’s governance practices and supporting the long-term success of the bank in an…
  • Shaun Bisman
  • Michael Bonner