CAP has extensive experience working with private companies, from smaller family-owned businesses to significantly larger enterprises. We help private-companies address unique compensation challenges – not the least of which is finding appropriate benchmarking data. To help fill this data gap, CAP conducts original surveys of private-company compensation levels and practices. Other challenging compensation issues that CAP helps private companies navigate include:

  • The design of a compensation program that is competitive with publicly traded peers;
  • The choice between cash long-term incentives, and real or phantom equity;
  • If real or phantom equity is provided, how to value it, and how to provide liquidity;
  • The balance between keeping sensitive financial information private and providing management with line of sight;
  • The retention of ownership control while creating a succession plan and fostering an ownership culture; and
  • The amount of profit and/or ownership that the company shares with management and employees.

Learn more about CAP’s private-company expertise here or contact us for additional information.

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Jun 03, 2020

Equilar: Executive Compensation Summit

San Diego, CA

Partner Dan Laddin plans to lead a discussion about the ongoing quarrel between the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and Institutional Shareholder Services (ISS)…
  • Christopher Earnest
  • Daniel Laddin

Jun 07, 2020

WorldatWork: Total Rewards Conference & Exhibition

Minneapolis, MN

Partner Eric Hosken has been invited to provide his expertise on both the challenges of managing the recruitment and exiting top executives as well…
  • Eric Hosken

Jun 25, 2020

Equilar & Compensation Advisory Partners: Energy Industry Virtual Roundtable


Partner Chris Earnest will discuss trends and best practices for senior compensation professionals in the Energy industry to deal with the global pandemic.  …
  • Christopher Earnest