Insurance companies can experience a tremendous amount of volatility in a given year, impacted by interest rates, catastrophic events, regulatory changes and timing of gains and losses associated with investments. Companies employ various approaches to mitigate some of the volatility in results to ensure that incentives reflect results controllable by, and reflective of, management actions and decisions while maintaining alignment with shareholders over the longer term. CAP draws on its extensive experience and practical knowledge of the insurance industry to provide clients with real time market insights in order to help transform their pay programs into a competitive advantage. Learn more about CAP’s expertise in the insurance industry here or contact us for additional information.

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Sep 16, 2020

Corporate Board Member: Compensation Committee Summit

New York, NY

Partner Kelly Malafis explores best-practices for communications between HR and Compensation Committees to resolve complex human capital issues within various levels of the workforce.…
  • Kelly Malafis

Sep 16, 2020

Private Company Director: Private Company Governance Summit 2020

Washington, D.C.

Partners Bertha Masuda and Sue Schroeder will discuss strategies for building and maintaining a private board to ensure proper alignment between stakeholders, board, and…
  • Bertha Masuda
  • Susan Schroeder

Nov 04, 2020

Family Business: Transitions Fall 2020

Marina Del Ray, CA

Partners Bertha Masuda and Sue Schroeder will provide guided discussions on how to improve executive compensation programs within family-owned businesses. Click here to learn…
  • Bertha Masuda