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Executive Pay

| Mar 15, 2014 Read more
A study on the prevalence of realized and realizable pay disclosure, published by CAP, found that for the 2013 proxy season around 15% of Fortune 500 companies included information on realized and/or realizable pay as part of their disclosure.

‘No, Our Executives Didn’t Make That Much Money’

By CFO | Feb 19, 2014 Read more
Partner Eric Hosken discusses the prevalence of realized and realizable pay disclosure among Fortune 500 companies and the typical message companies are sending to shareholders when disclosing realized and realizable pay.

Bankers Reap Benefits of 2013 Rally

By The Wall Street Journal | Feb 17, 2014 Read more
Partner Eric Hosken explains why some executives, especially in the Financial Services industry, might need to liquidate portions of their share holdings.

Companies Getting Ahead of Coming Clawback Requirements

By Compliance Week, Joe Mont | Dec 17, 2013 Read more
Partner Melissa Burek discusses recent trends in implementation of clawback policies in advance of final Dodd-Frank regulations.

Five Questions That Directors Should Ask About Compensation

By Naomi Snyder, Bank Director | Oct 28, 2013 Read more
Senior Partner Rosie Orens explains the importance of the pay and performance alignment and explains the aspects that should be considered in the creation of a pay package.

Board Chairs Are Earning Higher Premiums

By Dan Laddin and Matt Vnuk | Oct 15, 2013 Read more
Partner Dan Laddin and Sr. Associate Matt Vnuk explain the gap in compensation and the difference in roles of Lead Directors and Non-Executive Chairs.

How Do We Pay Board Leaders?

By Margaret Engel for The Corporate Board | Oct 1, 2013
As American boardrooms have strengthened the status of lead directors (and, increasingly, split the roles of CEO and chairman), this board leadership evolution has driven many governance changes. One question remains unresolved: How should we set the pay for an independent chairman, a lead director, or executive chairman?

Companies Use IRS to Raise Bonuses With Earnings Goals

By Elliot Blair Smith, Bloomberg | Sep 17, 2013 Read more
Partner Eric Hosken explains that deciding on how likely is for a company to hit a performance target for an executive to receive a bonus is very different from deciding on total executive pay

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