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Finance’s Critical Role in Incentive Design

By Treasury & Risk | Jul 30, 2014 Read more
Partner Eric Hosken emphasizes the critical role of finance executives in incentive plan design and highlights the damaging consequences of ignoring these executives in the process.

The Long And Short Of Compensation

By Retail Leader | Jul 1, 2014 Read more
Partner Melissa Burek explains why pay-for-performance is crucial for compensation committees to establish CEO compensation and to satisfy shareholders that vote on executive compensation.

Results of Say on Pay Voting

By NACD BoardVision | Jul 1, 2014 Read more
Christopher Y. Clark, publisher of NACD Directorship Magazine, hosts this edition of NACD BoardVision with guest Melissa Burek , partner at Compensation Advisory Partners. The discussion centers around the obvious and no so obvious results from say on pay voting, how performance fits into the results, and what surprises could be ahead in 2014.

Compensation Committees and Goal Setting

By NACD BoardVision | Jul 1, 2014 Read more
This episode of NACD BoardVision examines the expectations that boards face when setting annual compensation goals. Christopher Y. Clark, Publisher of NACD Directorship Magazine and Kelly Malafis, Partner at Compensation Advisory Partners discuss best practices for rigorous goal setting.

Breaking Down Realized and Realizable Pay

By NACD BoardVision | Jul 1, 2014 Read more
This edition of NACD BoardVision goes beyond definitions to break down realized and realizable pay. Join Christopher Y. Clark, publisher of NACD Directorship magazine, and Eric Hosken , partner at Compensation Advisory Partners, as they talk about how compensation regulations affect businesses today.

Lead Directors Earn Recognition, Double Pay

By Agenda | Jun 30, 2014 Read more
Partner Dan Laddin and Senior Associate Matt Vnuk discuss recent trends in Lead Director compensation and the reasons behind changes in pay for the role.

Companies with Low Turnover are Stingy with CFO Pay Raises

By WSJ | Jun 30, 2014 Read more
Partner Kelly Malafis discusses recent trends in CFO and CEO compensation and why year-over-year changes in compensation are influenced by company performance.

When Say-on-Pay Votes Fall Short

By Director Advisory | Jun 19, 2014 Read more
Partner Margaret Engel shares three main approaches to improve say-on-pay vote results, these approaches include: compensation plan redesign, corporate governance reform, and shareholder outreach.

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