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Activists Prey on TSR Woes

By Dan Laddin | Location: | Feb 5, 2016 Read more
Partner Dan Laddin expects that compensation may be an additional focus for activist investors unless the market rebounds and suggests Boards challenge activists' arguments with a strong strategy.

Comp Committees Urged to Reconsider TSR

By Eric Hosken | Location: | Feb 5, 2016 Read more
Partner Eric Hosken explains why TSR is becoming a more prevalent metric in long-term compensation plans and adds that TSR is good to align executives with the shareholders, but it may not be an effective incentive tool for executives.

Balancing pay for performance with shareholder alignment

By Eric Hosken & Daniel Laddin, Board Governance | Jan 29, 2016 | Read more
In designing compensation programmes, two key objectives that are universally shared among public companies are 1) ensuring that the pay levels of executives move with their performance and 2) aligning the interests of executives with those of shareholders. The general appeal of these objectives is that they both ring true in terms of fairness.

Incentive Plans: Goal Setting and Responsible Payout Patterns

By Melissa Burek | Dec 1, 2015 | Read more
Partner Melissa Burek describes the importance of performance goal setting on the pay-and-performance relationship and analyzes historical payout patterns of annual and long-term performance plans.

TSR in Comp Has Little Benefit for Investors, Research Claims

By | Oct 9, 2015 Read more
Partner Eric Hosken explains that using TSR in executive comp plans is about aligning executive pay and performance, not about driving performance.

Total Shareholder Return: How Long Is Long Enough?

By | Aug 31, 2015 Read more
Partner Eric Hosken co-authors article on optimal performance period for relative TSR plans and potential plan structures with longer performance periods

Currency Swings Affect Exec Comp Plans

By | Aug 20, 2015 Read more
Partner Margaret Engel describes typical approaches taken by Boards and Compensation Committees to account for foreign exchange rate fluctuations on executive compensation plans

Break out of the 'Norm' of LTI Design Sample Designs from Innovative Companies

By | Aug 15, 2015 Read more
Eric Hosken (Partner) and Roman Beleuta (Associate) describe examples of long-term incentive vehicles that are outside typical market practice and highlight the features of these vehicles.

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