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New Mnuchin Pay Disclosure Shows a $5.6 Million Payout

By The Wall Street Journal | Jan 27, 2017 Read more
Partner Eric Hosken discusses the competitive compensation levels for regional bank CEOs compared to historical pay of the Treasury Secretary-nominee.

Disclosure, Incentives, Activists Top Governance Agenda for 2017

By Bloomberg | Jan 3, 2017 Read more
Partner Dan Laddin indicates that in 2017 the reliance solely on total shareholder return as a measure will decline in long-term incentive plans.

Wells Fargo Scandal Hurts Wall Street’s Bonus Rule Battle

By Bloomberg | Sep 15, 2016 Read more
Partner Kelly Malafis notes that the policies to clawback compensation are already in place across the financial industry.

Finance Compensation on the Rise

By Treasury & Risk | Sep 13, 2016 Read more
Partner Kelly Malafis discusses the 2015 CEO and CFO compensation trends among 100 large corporations and the impact of lower bonuses on overall compensation.

Is There Such a Thing as the “Right” Performance Measure?

By Director Advisory | Sep 9, 2016 | Read more
Partner Eric Hosken explains why one of the biggest challenges in designing incentive plans for executives is selecting the performance measures that will be used.

We’re Paying CEOs All Wrong

By Bloomberg Businessweek | Aug 25, 2016 Read more
Partner Dan Laddin weighs in on the continuous homogenization of executive pay practices that is in part driven by increased influence of proxy advisers.

CEOs Take Voluntary Pay Cuts After Missed Goals

By Agenda Week | Aug 24, 2016 Read more
Senior Partner Rose Marie Orens and Associate Kyle Eastman discuss examples of voluntary pay cuts by CEOs and some of the implications of such cuts on pay-for-performance alignment, shareholder views, and internal messaging.

Planning Above and Beyond Pay Ratio Disclosure

By NACD Directorship | Jul 11, 2016 Read more
Partner Dan Laddin discusses how to employ executive compensation as a tool for long-term value creation, to incentivize the retention of top executive talent, and to ensure executive management is focused on building value for all of the stakeholders.

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