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By Dan Laddin and Eric Hosken | Feb 10, 2016
Larry Fink, the CEO of BlackRock, issued a letter to the chief executive officers of the S&P 500 challenging each to disclose a strategic framework for long-term...[More]
By Margaret Engel, Kyle Eastman, Jasmine Yanes and Nick Celli | Feb 8, 2016
Compensation Advisory Partners (“CAP”) reviewed 2015 proxy disclosures at a sample of 100 companies among the Fortune 500 representing nine industry groups. Industry...[More]
By Shaun Bisman and Matt McLaughlin | Feb 1, 2016
Shareholders can voice their support for, or concerns with, a company’s executive compensation program through a non-binding advisory vote on executive compensation,...[More]
By CAP Staff | Jan 25, 2016
CAP reviews proxy disclosures of S&P 500 companies on a weekly basis as part of an on-going Say on Pay study. The Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer...[More]
By Dan Laddin, Eric Hosken and Alex Stahl | Nov 20, 2015
ISS released their finalized 2016 policy changes, which are consistent with the proposed changes previously announced. The changes are relatively minor and the key...[More]
By Dan Laddin, Matt Vnuk and Roman Beleuta | Nov 16, 2015
Each year CAP analyzes non-employee director compensation programs among the 100 largest companies, based on annual revenue. These firms are viewed as trend-setting...[More]
By Michael Biagi, Melissa Burek and Robert Martin | Nov 2, 2015
Perquisites represent only a small portion of the total pay program for a CEO or CFO. However, perquisite based pay is – and we expect will continue to be –...[More]