Our Thoughts

By CAP Banking Team | Jul 20, 2015
Introduction CAP set out to see if CEO pay levels among Wall Street Banks have returned to pre-crisis levels (i.e., 2007). In addition, we reviewed other...[More]
By Margaret Engel | Jul 13, 2015
On July 1, 2015, the SEC proposed rules directing the stock exchanges to expand listing standards to require companies to adopt clawback policies. These clawback...[More]
By CAP Staff | Jul 9, 2015
CAP reviews proxy disclosures of S&P 500 companies on a weekly basis as part of an on-going Say on Pay study. The Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer...[More]
By Kelly Malafis, Roman Beleuta and Jasmine Yanes | Jul 8, 2015
Annually, Compensation Advisory Partners (CAP) evaluates pay levels for Chief Financial Officers (CFOs) and Chief Executive Officers (CEOs). This year’s analysis is...[More]