Our Thoughts

By Ryan Colucci, Lauren Peek and Margaret Engel | Jan 15, 2015
HIGHLIGHTS Companies rarely make wholesale changes to plans, but frequently revisit the performance metrics used Most companies use multiple measures...[More]
By Joanna Czyzewski, Shaun Bisman and Melissa Burek | Dec 22, 2014
Highlights Companies continue to refine their existing stock ownership guidelines and stock retention requirements to demonstrate good governance and support...[More]
By Alex Stahl, Jasmine Yanes and Shaun Bisman | Dec 17, 2014
Highlights Nearly all companies (94%) have adopted a clawback policy, even without SEC guidance on Dodd Frank requirements for clawbacks Consistent with our past...[More]
By Shaun Bisman, Jasmine Yanes, and Alex Stahl | Dec 15, 2014
Highlights The look and feel of proxy statements have changed Best practices for CD&A include a concise executive summary Pay mix charts, other charts, a list...[More]